Saturday, December 23, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006


We're very happy to announce that Leslie has finally released his solo song album called 'Worm'. it's his first release in years and sees him returning to his songwriting roots.

Limited autographed copies are available now on special presale at Earshot Cafe, The Arts House, from 1st - 11th October.

'Worm' will officially BE OUT in major stores on 12th October.

Leslie will be performing a special 40min launch set on Sat 14th October at The Living Room inside The Arts House. Details on, entry is free, firstcomefirstserve seating. Don't miss it.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


does anyone know the truth these days? can anyone uncover truth without feeling afraid... or feeling alone. NEVER take their word for granted. it's all so hideously one-sided. a whole nation of people are being wiped out as we sit here sipping our lattes and oogling over the latest Macbook. why do we buy into these distractions? is reality too much to bear or simply not entertaining enough? do we not suffer fools gladly? we are the fools. and for all the world knows now... it's the work of 'terrorists'. who are the real terrorists? we are living within walls erected by media to imprison our minds.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


train tracks divide us
borders divide us
fences divide us

colour divides us
language divides us
religion divides us

catch the drift
catch the drift
catch the drift

hunger depicts us
greed depicts us
sitting on the fence
sitting on the fence

knowledge defines us
ignorance defines us
sitting on the fence
sitting on the fence

follow the drift
follow the drift
follow the drift

morality is an open end
which side to defend
which side to defend


inspired by scott walker's the drift

Sunday, May 07, 2006


when i thought it mattered to have a voice but then i wondered what voice could represent my true inner light and what body can house my true inner soul and then it is obvious that nothing of this country nor of this world comes close to satisfying that very emptiness modern day humanity fills me with a sorrow a minority within a minority don't make me supportive of either half remove myself further if i find nothing i can stand up for or no one who could stand up for me for i have been voiceless for a many years or i have a fear put inside of me since birth of guilt greed and pleasure most of all comfort security and leisure fake status human apparatus most of all the lesson is obvious we remain divided a microcosm of humanity majority vs minority wealthy vs poor intelligence vs stupidity fear vs courage and the many other countless traits but then when we look each other in the eyes in our day to day lives can we still have respect for each other instead of it being such a war zone that it is out there or has this place been proven that business policies is what they want and we can go on and erode basic human decency but i won't let this change the way i behave i'd still hold the lift doors for strangers smile at strangers be courteous to service oriented staff signal and wave greetings night and day friends with neighbours hand in hand so la so. l.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Dharma's band THROB (Experimental funk band) will playing a set this Sunday at Crazy Elephant.
According to him, it will be a new set of "Post-Porn material". THROB has been writing and jamming for their impending 2nd album since their self-titled first release in 2001. With the addition of keyboardist Ying, this new offering sets to precede the first album. Talk abt reviewing an album that's not been recorded yet. For those who haven't heard about THROB, go to for audio clips from the first album. On the way, you can buy a copy if you like it.
Here are the details of the gig :

Date: 30 Apr (Labour Day Eve)
Venue: Crazy Elephant, Clarke Quay
Time: 9pm
Free Entrance

Cheers !

New Songs in Progress

so far we have 2 songs kind of in the bag already and am really happy with them. some of you might have a heard "when i see a fire" (aka pax it real good) during our last concert, which was borne out of victor's idea of 10/8 time signature. And the past few weeks we have been working on a song sparked off by adam's guitar riffs and it is tentatively titled "Dead Weight". this new song manages to open up a lot of doors for the band. new instruments, tricky obs time still aching from excessive finger picking. like evan once said about our new songs, they are "my whole life" x10 in terms of epic-ness. but what can i say, we all have some "prog" in us. we are aiming for 6 tracks, each member taking charge of its birth and direction. we have 4 more to go and quite honestly holding my breath from excitement as we move along.... next up is evan's song called "Bimbap" (why? he might just explain someday) which throws all of us into fractured beats and new age thoughtfulness. om.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Concave Scream launch gig

Concave Scream's new album 'Horizons' will be released tomorrow (28th March) at all major record stores.

They will also be having a launch performance on April first, 8.30pm.

The gig will be at Zouk and tickets are selling fast for $15 (includes one drink) at HMV Heeren and Citilink.


For more info, visit their site and blog site.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I have escaped even myself

I have escaped even myself.

I am the escaped one,
After I was born
They locked me up inside me
But I left.
My soul seeks me,
Through hills and valley,
I hope my soul
Never finds me.

"I am the escaped one"
Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935)

How did I come to be this, the person I suppose I am? I am merely
myself. So who asked the question? In the mirror, I see that which the
others call "me". Hello. Are you there? The only true thing that I can
completely trust. Or should I? If only you were me. Or if I were you.
Though I also believe I truly were you. Am I not? I have not escaped. I
have escaped.

"I have escaped even myself" is the second in a series of experimental
music/sound art events presented by the Singapore Sound Art Collective
(sporesac). Building on the success of "I have lost friends" in
Februrary 2005, the series continues to showcase a range of local and
global artists in their attempt to ground abstract experimentation
through the immediacy of sound. Turning a reflective eye inwards upon
the personal psyche, "I have escaped even myself" attempts to address
the elusive nature of the self.

In the realm of performance and art, what defines the artist as self?
Is this his or her undertaking alone? Is the artist not a fiction, one
fashioned by an audience, even a non-existent one? Featuring six solo
sets of sixteen minutes each, a continuous collage of sound with five
bridging segments is presented, each a brief improvised collaboration
between the artists, allowing a flow of processes that dissolves the
idea of singular performances.

This ongoing series is conceived by Yuen Chee Wai, researched by Alex
Goh and produced by Harold Seah. Presented by sporesac / Flux Us, with
the strong support of 72-13.

"I have escaped even myself" will feature Zai Kuning, Evan Tan, George
Chua, Yuen Chee Wai, Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre (Jazzkammer)

The evening will conclude with a panel discussion with the involved
artists, and their thoughts about the idea of solo performances and
composition will be discussed.

25 March 2006 (Saturday), 8pm
at 72-13 (
$15 tickets available at the door and Flux Us.
For details, please email


sporesac (singapore sonic arts collective) is an open-ended assemblage
of like-minded musicians and event organisers that seeks to create
greater awareness of experimental music and sound art in Singapore and
its region. Made up of diverse individuals who nevertheless share a
passion for avant-garde sounds, the collective has set its mind on
strengthening the emerging experimental music scene in Singapore with a
number of ongoing initiatives.


A converted rice warehouse, 72-13 is the new home of TheatreWorks
( Its primary purpose is to encourage
collaborations, house residencies from creatives around the world and
to encourage hybrid creative expressions from young Singaporeans.
TheatreWorks, responding to the needs of the creative scene in
Singapore, has consciously created 72-13 to have a wider and a more
inclusive agenda.

This event is made possible with the partnership of 72-13 and Flux Us.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tom waits for Nobody

10 Mar 06 - Tom Waits For Nobody - A Soundtrack For An Animated Film They Can't Afford

Presented by: Onistudio & The Arts House
Featured Artists: Zai Kuning, Leslie Low, Yuen Chee Wai, and Koichi Shimizu (Bangkok)
Venue: The Playden @ The Arts House
Date/Time: 10 March 2006 / 8.00pm

Synopsis: Tom Waits For Nobody - A Soundtrack For An Animated Film They Can't Afford is a collaboration between veteran sound artists Zai Kuning, Leslie Low, Yuen Chee Wai, and Koichi Shimizu (Bangkok) as they create a sound track for a story of a boy who ran away from home to see the circus and only discovering his special talent moments before he dies. The sound exploration is based on a structured composition by Zai, Leslie and Chee Wai using acoustics and electronic musical means while Koichi, through manipulation of live sound feeds, will contribute to different layers of sound texture.

The performance will also be accompanied by Zai Kuning's inspired drawings of the story. For more information, please visit

Monday, February 20, 2006


Hi everyone,

We have come to the last in our series of 'False Securities'. It has been a tiring but nevertheless rewarding and fruitful experience for us. A big thank you to the kind people who sponsored their spaces and to those who attended the past 4 performances.

For the final performance, we have invited fellow sound artist Chong Li Chuan to collaborate with us. This will be outdoor at the Fort Gate at Fort Canning Green. We have chosen Lewis Carroll's classic tale of Alice in Wonderland as the inspiration and theme for the night. Hopefully, it will be a nice and cool moonlit night as we walk you through the events and characters of the story in a non-linear fashion. Bring along your picnic basket and mats and share your wine with us ! We want to make this a memorable night for all who attend and for the final and last time, we would like to remind you to bring your headphones along.

See you there !

Live sound performance by Evan Tan & Zul Mahmod
Experience binaural field recordings and digitally processed sounds in a 'headphone only' environment.

Guest artist : Chong Li-Chuan (
Friday, 24 February 2006, 8pm
Fort Gate, Fort Canning Green (view attached map)
Contact: zul @ 90278 444

Tickets $10.00 at the door

Alice in Wonderland

"In Lewis Carroll, everything begins with a horrible combat, the combat of depths: things explode or make us explode, boxes are too small for their contents, foods are toxic and poisonous, entrails are stretched, monsters grab at us... Bodies intermingle with one another, everything is mixed up in a kind of cannibalism that joins together food and excrement. Even words are eaten. This is the domain of the action and passion of bodies: things welded together into non-decomposable blocks. Everything in depth is horrible, everything is nonsense... Alice progressively conquers surfaces. She rises or returns to the surface. She creates surfaces. Movements of penetration and burying give way to light lateral movements of sliding; the animals of the depths become figures on cards without thickness... We no longer penetrate in depth, but through the looking-glass, turning everything the other way round... But the world of depths still rumbles under the surface, and threatens to break through it. Even unfolded and laid out flat, the monsters still haunt us." -- Gilles Deleuze, "Essays Critical and Clinical", translated by Daniel W. Smith and Michael A. Greco .

Zul, Evan, and Chuan invite you to journey with them in the footsteps of Alice, following the White Rabbit. Venturing into "microsound" (Curtis Roads), "small sounds" (John Cage) and not-so-small sounds, together we shall trace the intricate linings of night time, sample the curious fruits of binaural recordings, and explore liminal spaces in granular synthesis.

Come join us in a mad tea-party and take advice from the caterpillar.

Uncovering False Securities by Ang Song Ming

This event is supported by National Arts Council of Singapore, The Substation, Monsoonasia Gallery, FluxUs, Spell7, ferret and National Park Board.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Concave Scream Website

Concave Scream website is back on again!

Their fourth album will also be out soon.

click here to go to their website for more details.