Sunday, July 31, 2005

Off to see the wiZard!

we're off to bergen tomorrow night. not sure if i've packed too much or correctly for the weather there. i mean it's summer but it's not hot like here and it's apparently chilly at night. but it sure will be fun to be with the rest of the guys for 2 whole weeks! No work just music coming out of every pore. hehehe... and jorgen, Mr Yohoo, of course. he should be so pleased, to get his maxon and john, his fuzz explosion kits. hope the bloody security at the airport wont give us grief... i mean it looks like it could be a bomb assembly and it says "explosion" kit. i've brought the invoice but it's in bloody japanese. really hope we're dont get given a hard time.

the more important question now is ... should we bring merger mer or not? and what flavour or flavours should they be. That is what's bothering me now.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Blank Walls eflyers

Blank Walls eflyers for our launch performance at the Esplanade coming 2nd September.

Illustration by Andy Yang. Art direction by ferret.

Hope to see you there!

We've printed some limited number of these as A2 size posters, available on night of concert. They're nice...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


FLUX US is a newly opened shop at Peninisula Shopping Centre (#04-34) . They stock CDs/DVDs/books/T-shirts, etc from experimental music labels like Touch, Erstwhile, Mego, Soul Jazz, Kranky, PSF and the likes. The last time I asked, the catalogue is constantly growing as we speak . FLUX US is an initiative of sporesac. Sounds like some kind of fungus outbreak, doesn't it ? sporesac is actually the Singapore Sonic Arts Collective. "A loosely-based organisation of individuals and interests dedicated to promoting sound exploration and design through convergence and dissemination" Yup, that's what the flyer says. According to FLUX US, they will be having in-store performances periodically. Dates and schedule of performers from July to Sept on their flyer (see link- ) . Sure beats having lion dancers warding off bad vibes but I am positive it will be just as noisy taking a look at the programme. Some familiar names like George Chua and Zai Kuning will be playing. Even Rocket Scientist (with ETC) . Rocket Scientist (and ETC as well) have not be playing for a while so it will be kinda interesting to watch. There's also the "guitar ambient" duo aspidistra fly .Anyway, its great to have shops like these available. Don't have to use the internet everytime to get the CDs we like. Especially if its just a couple but with the same hefty shipping rates. Long Live the fungus outbreak and FLUX THEM !


Friday, July 15, 2005

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