Sunday, May 07, 2006


when i thought it mattered to have a voice but then i wondered what voice could represent my true inner light and what body can house my true inner soul and then it is obvious that nothing of this country nor of this world comes close to satisfying that very emptiness modern day humanity fills me with a sorrow a minority within a minority don't make me supportive of either half remove myself further if i find nothing i can stand up for or no one who could stand up for me for i have been voiceless for a many years or i have a fear put inside of me since birth of guilt greed and pleasure most of all comfort security and leisure fake status human apparatus most of all the lesson is obvious we remain divided a microcosm of humanity majority vs minority wealthy vs poor intelligence vs stupidity fear vs courage and the many other countless traits but then when we look each other in the eyes in our day to day lives can we still have respect for each other instead of it being such a war zone that it is out there or has this place been proven that business policies is what they want and we can go on and erode basic human decency but i won't let this change the way i behave i'd still hold the lift doors for strangers smile at strangers be courteous to service oriented staff signal and wave greetings night and day friends with neighbours hand in hand so la so. l.


cw said...

the day will come. i eagerly await.
the original sin is slowly eating away.
it is frail, old and gangly. ghostly white. ghostly.
weeds are growing out of its mind.
it is time to cut the grass.
the time is near. let us await.

the obs said...

while people dream of numbers, we dream of the intangible, the unutterable, we await its coming....