Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Songs in Progress

so far we have 2 songs kind of in the bag already and am really happy with them. some of you might have a heard "when i see a fire" (aka pax it real good) during our last concert, which was borne out of victor's idea of 10/8 time signature. And the past few weeks we have been working on a song sparked off by adam's guitar riffs and it is tentatively titled "Dead Weight". this new song manages to open up a lot of doors for the band. new instruments, tricky obs time signatures.....am still aching from excessive finger picking. like evan once said about our new songs, they are "my whole life" x10 in terms of epic-ness. but what can i say, we all have some "prog" in us. we are aiming for 6 tracks, each member taking charge of its birth and direction. we have 4 more to go and quite honestly holding my breath from excitement as we move along.... next up is evan's song called "Bimbap" (why? he might just explain someday) which throws all of us into fractured beats and new age thoughtfulness. om.


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