Sunday, September 25, 2005

ebb and flow

leslie will be officially launching his solo instrumental album, Volcanoes, this saturday, 1st Oct, at FluxUs with an instore performance at 6.30pm. The evening's line up will start off with leslie who will present a solo improvised set on laptop loosely based on material off his album. Following after is newly formed improv group Snake Blood Union. details in flyer below.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


At TheatreWorks' soft opening of their new warehouse-style performance venue 72-13, with creaks and explosions and all, our dynamic duo, also our comic duo, Evan and Dharma presented their first foray into 'black ambient' delivered as a dark, sinister rendering of the most famous naval screw-up in history, also the most tragic example of man's pride and overwhelming ego.

Musically, it was a performance that stirred your insides and plunged you into deep dark waters swirling around this mammoth intrigue. In Evan's words, the sounds could become 'uncomfortable', something which listeners were cautioned about at the start of the gig. But there were many brave-hearted in attendance and many stayed to listen in the dark, and together with the musicians, venture farther and farther into an escalating wall of dramatic, multi-layered sounds that just got bigger and bigger. It was exciting hearing my own band budds doing something different and artsy as the event may be, i think the grand dame of all ships made quite an impact.

we recorded it all and will figure out a way to get it out there soon.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Unreleased tracks for free

alright obs people,

we have uploaded the unreleased tracks which didnt make the cut on Blank Walls. these are now on our website as free mp3 downloads, 3 full tracks. The Absentee, Observations of Human Failure, Acid Pills outro (improvised jam). We really liked these but made the decision not to include them cos the album flowed much better somewhat. But as individual tracks, we hope you enjoy them. these ones are really for you all. spread the love...
ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: To download tracks, click on (listen). A small pop-up window will appear to load the mp3 for playback as Quicktime file but that's just for listening. For downloading, PC users can simply click on 'download mp3' and your computer should prompt you to "Save As". Mac users must hold down CTRL and click on 'download mp3' and select "Download Linked File As" before your Mac prompts you to save in your directory of choice.

also have some new pics of the gig, we'll be uploading more onto our flickr album soon. See link to Flickr on right sidebar under 'A Photo Diary...'.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


To all who made it to our concert, we wanna say a BIG THANK YOU!

We had quite a few tech screw-ups, no fault of the engineering crew, just hantu lah... did you realise it happened just at the point when leslie was about to sing "flying XXXX"? hehehe.... someone doesnt like our lyrics lah... but having you guys there made a huge difference. as evan would say, "thens har".

Thanks to those of you especially for supporting us by buying our tees and CDs. Some of it will go to paying those dear friends of ours who helped with design and production and what not. If any of you didnt get to buy the tee or any of the CDs but would like to, please write us at, there would be some more tees coming, not many but we'll have more sizes in stock if you like. Also, Leslie's Volcanoes and Evan's Coast to Coast plus some Blank Walls tees will all be available at Flux-Us at #04-34, Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Thanks to you all! We hope to do another gig soon. Meanwhile, Olives should hopefully appear on radio soon. If not, we really arent too bothered. Just keep in touch and we look foward to seeing you lot again.