Monday, September 05, 2005

Unreleased tracks for free

alright obs people,

we have uploaded the unreleased tracks which didnt make the cut on Blank Walls. these are now on our website as free mp3 downloads, 3 full tracks. The Absentee, Observations of Human Failure, Acid Pills outro (improvised jam). We really liked these but made the decision not to include them cos the album flowed much better somewhat. But as individual tracks, we hope you enjoy them. these ones are really for you all. spread the love...
ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: To download tracks, click on (listen). A small pop-up window will appear to load the mp3 for playback as Quicktime file but that's just for listening. For downloading, PC users can simply click on 'download mp3' and your computer should prompt you to "Save As". Mac users must hold down CTRL and click on 'download mp3' and select "Download Linked File As" before your Mac prompts you to save in your directory of choice.

also have some new pics of the gig, we'll be uploading more onto our flickr album soon. See link to Flickr on right sidebar under 'A Photo Diary...'.


mola ekka said...

hah.... i was surfing the net for art housing awhile ago and just chanced upon the article of you guys on not qualified for art housing at telok kurau studios. tsk tsk.... maybe they will give me the same shit in awhile.

Ur comment on esplanade's system and black plastic bag is funny, the funniest thing ive heard since i woke up. I imagined myself in the same situation as u guys, i would have my hair pulled out and one more word from them ill zee them like a bee for them to taste own irritating medicine. If they respect ur music, they should respect the whole of it... like what ur boundaries are and how u want it to be..... how u wanna interact with ur audience, not just musicially..... even if it means u wanna give each of us a black plastic bag as a token of appreciation. But i know, sometimes, somethings just wont always be the way we want it to be. Butt, maybe it would be nicer if they stop treating us like we have no minds of our own.... The end. Thank you for listening.

Anonymous said...

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SickOfItAll said...

you're absolutely right, mola. all we need is simply for everyone to treat each other with a bit of respect, not a lot, just a little. like using the right tone of voice when speaking to people, be it the CEO of a company or the toilet cleaner. why is it so hard for singaporeans to be nice, instead of being paranoid, defensive, uptight and overbearing when it comes to power and control.

Jack said...

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