Saturday, September 03, 2005


To all who made it to our concert, we wanna say a BIG THANK YOU!

We had quite a few tech screw-ups, no fault of the engineering crew, just hantu lah... did you realise it happened just at the point when leslie was about to sing "flying XXXX"? hehehe.... someone doesnt like our lyrics lah... but having you guys there made a huge difference. as evan would say, "thens har".

Thanks to those of you especially for supporting us by buying our tees and CDs. Some of it will go to paying those dear friends of ours who helped with design and production and what not. If any of you didnt get to buy the tee or any of the CDs but would like to, please write us at, there would be some more tees coming, not many but we'll have more sizes in stock if you like. Also, Leslie's Volcanoes and Evan's Coast to Coast plus some Blank Walls tees will all be available at Flux-Us at #04-34, Peninsula Shopping Centre.

Thanks to you all! We hope to do another gig soon. Meanwhile, Olives should hopefully appear on radio soon. If not, we really arent too bothered. Just keep in touch and we look foward to seeing you lot again.



Little fish said...

Looks like you've been spamed? Maybe not?

cool start to the proceedings with a Spiritualised-esque jam
Anyway case, certain songs in the set list, were they previously performed by Leslie when he was involved in some national day related event last year?

Evan: khin leh, when can see you play strip poker hur hur....

album no.2 lets the lyrics more breathing space and i think adam's pounding on the skins rounded up the sound very well.

Mola Ekkamai said...

Im suprised ur post on performance at esplanade last night came this soon. Nice.

I was there for the second time and i wasnt disappointed... Slowly, i found myself leaning forward and drowning into the whole melo melo... my feet tapping to the beat and body swaying alittle... i was drowning.

Then i saw things i didnt see.... i saw my voices on canvases in a different light, a different feel......and touch. I saw what i call my love in a different way... and it was the simplest way i have felt and thought of it for a long long time.... I smiled.

So, im saying thank you.... i like it. I do, for the deeper connection.

crapshoot said...

great gig fellas... nice work on the cd packaging too (tho it does seem a bit too 'scratchy' to hold my fragile little cd). and after hearing the cd, gotta say that the addition of adam to the lineup was an inspired choice! now you guys can start work on reinventing some of the tracks as stadium filling anthems (ala radiohead's kid a and anmesiac live performaces), then you'd be on the fast track to U2-dom heh

Anonymous said...

hey crapshoot

have you discovered the surprise yet?

Heard said...

One Word Guys: Woah.

and always woah.
The mix on the new album's really good. but really, nothing beats hearing you guys live.
Really pro pro world class stuff.

Im hoping this album travels!!

Anonymous said...

the cd cover looks rather dull.. but rub it and see it in a whole new light..

well, i know it's printed using some super-high tech thermal-ink technology.

and the white cd.. spot UV on matt finish.. very "high-techy" print technology!

the obs said...

hey guys

if any of you managed to sneak some photo-taking during the show, mind if you send them along to us? we'd like to put them up on our site.

esplanade always so anal about people taking pics...really dont know what the big deal is, our own photographers were getting crap trying to get snapshots for us.

and yes, we'll definitely credit you if we show them on our website.

thanks for a great night.


crapshoot said...

i've tried to sneak photos last week at the electrico gig, and the esplanade fellas were on to me in a flash. gotta admit, those ushers are sharp.
either that or i just suck at doin the sneaky photo thing.
but what's the big deal anyway? it's not like we're at a classical music performance or sth. if everyone's so onz about pushing local music, shouldnt we be allowing fans to take photos at local gigs, then we can all share our photos with friends and post them on blogs and stuff, and let everyone else know what they're missing?

the obs said...

have to say we were pissed about that... but it was something we were already cautioned about. can you imagine? our own guys werent even allowed along the aisles. they had to stand next to the console in allocated positions to take their photos. what a stupid system... rules for the sake of rules... another thing that really annoyed me was, we were told that we couldnt provide the black plastic bags to people who bought our merchandise cos it was 'house policy' that bags werent allowed inside the venue because they would be too NOISY for the performance and would be distracting if people held on to them and rustled them during the performance!!! what utter bollocks. just supremely uptight... it's a rock concert, for crying out loud, no one's gonna deliberately rustle plastic bags nor would it be heard above the din. just wanna share this with you all. but seriously, it's not entirely the fault of our organiser who was completely supportive with the gear and setup and all. we even got a nice icebox of beer, it's just that things are really departmentalised and often, these 'decrees' come from the top, from people are terrified that the system would just fall apart if we so much as bend the rules slightly to fit the occasion. what the hell... i still hope it didnt cause too much of an inconvenience to you all who came to see us.

prawninator said...

Beer's always good to calm the nerves, and cool down any 'irritation'.

Anyway, great performance! I enjoyed it immensely. Wasn't as cosy as the last time I saw you guys play in Esplanade as well in the other room the other month (my memory sucks), but still good.

I'm just kinda sorry I didn't have the funds to purchase the CD. Trust me to spend twenty-five bucks on the taxi ride down. Traffic was terrible that night.

Kudos to you guys, and hope to hear you play again soon.

(nice CD cover too.. I had a lot of fun making handprints on my friend X's CD cover. *giggles*)

Anonymous said...

Great CD! Alas only bought it when the counter was packing up at around 1130ish (cos had to go withdraw some cash) and they said they couldn't give me a poster... Claimed that someone had taken them away already! Boo hoo! How can I get me one?

the obs said...

hello anonymous who lucked out on the poster....

just give us your name... we'll leave one at FLUX-US for you under your name.


Heikal said...

weeee! i couldnt stop laughing in the train when i discovered the magic cd covers. even the foreign workers around me were happy and smiling at the new found discovery.

have yet to see anything interesting about the cd itself though.

and i thought you guys were ripping me off when i saw nothing but the CD inside the cd sleeve-thinga-magic (literally thinga-magic).

Little fish said...

saw leslie and vivian at 72-13 on Sat night when the video for Olives was launched. enjoyed myself there. was spending most of the time at the "grey area" which was right up at the top. =)

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