Monday, August 29, 2005

Reminiscing - our trip to Norway

finally sorted out all the photos of our trip to Norway. rather than bore you all with the whole lot at one go, i'll be trying to organise them in some sort of a recognisable order. we've hosted them up at flickr. simply click on this or our side bar link and check in every few days for newly uploaded pics. first up, our 1st days in Bergen, where we got off to a promising start at Duper with Jorgen, our mixer. Bergen just had such a nice vibe, so laid back and physically a small town, yet with endless creative things going on. gigs, music, art installations, we were quite exhausted after the long plane ride on the 1st morning and had to go straight in to the studio to start. but mentally, the vibe of Bergen and Duper and Jorgen combined had a strangely focusing effect on us.



chang jun ray said...

how come only 6 pictures only ??How come ??

Anonymous said...

coming lah. norway very far away...

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