Friday, August 19, 2005

Blank Walls - Final Track List

hello everyone,

i promised a tracklist of our final songs that made it to the album. first and foremost, we'd like to make a note of regret that two and a half songs did NOT make it. Observations of Human Failure (the 'passing rain' song) and The Absentee were both cut as they just didnt fit in with the other tracks. We also had another instrumental outro at the end of the album we recorded as part of a jam that we really liked but it too, didn't fit in somewhat. BUT... the good news is we'll be putting these on our WEBSITE as soon as the album is launched as FREE DOWNLOADs!

Okay... here is the tracklist of our 2nd album BLANK WALLS:

1 acid pills
2 olives
3 my whole life
4 oddball
5 sea of doubts
6 failed recollections of a fool
7 finch
8 i didn't see her
9 a good thing
10 strength from the sun


Little fish said...

hey hey. got my ticks for the 2nd sept launch. wahey!

the obs said...

woah... you're early! thanks! getting a bit nervous cos we're having some bloody technical problems with the CD mastering/replication. been having sleepless nights and getting my brains fried by the constant mobile phone use. i hope we make it...

c u at the gig!

crapshoot said...
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crapshoot said...

argh!!! no passing rain song!!! now i've gotta buy the new cd, rip it, add that track, then burn it again to make it all feel complete.
anyway, got my tix for the launch some 3 weeks back now... all the best for the gig guys!